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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Color, Race, Sex, Religion, Makes No difference


I mean NO disrespect to anyone of any color, race, age,  sex,  religion or  political party! I do not mean to offend anyone!!!!!!
     I could care less if the President is Black, White, Yellow or Green. However, I am not going to say it didn't make a different in his run for the Presidency. I  believe one, not all, of the factors that helped Obama become President  was his race or the perception that he was a black man. (I say perception because there have been all kinds of reports of his background and to be honest, I don't care!) The fact that he was seen as a black man, man of color  or whatever the correct term is, helped Obama! He was young and talked about big ideas. He talked about changing the tone in Washington. He also offered the people of this country something that had never been offered before. A chance to show the world and ourselves we are not, as many called the United States, either in public or behind closed doors, a racist country.
     Some voted for him because he was a democrat, some because he was young and talked about new ideas and some voted for him because he was black. I feel certain some voted for him because he made them feel they now had someone they could look up to  as the top person in the United States government. I would imagine there was a since of pride just as Catholics must have felt when Kennedy was elected President. I don't see anything wrong with this except we as citizens let ourselves down because for whatever reasons we didn't look into his past nearly enough. Nobody asked him about the views he had in the past, about the role government should play or control  in ones life. That my friends, was a disservice to all of the citizens of the United States. I will go  further and say it was also a disservice to those American who are Black. I say that only because, for the very first time in our History a black man was to be  and is President.  It is a crying shame he didn't turn out to be a better President and not a President who is trying to change the  form of government. Never in this country's existence have we seen a President who has appointed czars one after another, after another.. Never in the History of the United States has there been a President that has spent this much of the country's money, to the tune of, more than all of the past President's combined.  Never  has a President assaulted religion the way this one has.This President has done a huge disservice to the country, it's people of all races and the future generations.  If any President of any color, race, religion, age or sex had done what this man has done  the reactions and the results would be the same if not worse. So, DON"T..DO NOT  use the word racist when  describing those that see what the President has done and is doing to this country and call him on it.  To everyone I say, DO NOT JUDGE ANY RACE OF PEOPLE BY THE ACTIONS OF THE PRESIDENT. By that I mean just because the President is a man who happens to be black, that should not influence your opinion of other black people. Lets just drop the race factor altogether.
  Nobody in this country should be afraid to call this President out on anything he has done or is doing that is harming the country, that applies to bloggers all they way to the main stream media!
    In other words it is perfectly OK to criticize this President without fear of being a racist and hopefully being labeled as one.

 but as we all know now he is trying to change the way government operates, changing  the form of government we have always had in this country.

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