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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

He Has You Right Where He Wants You, Right?

"  I did  it  once,  I can do it to them again!"

 You  thought Obama said Hope and Change?

 People heard what they wanted to hear... Hope and Change,  Nope !
 Hope and Chains...............

     They want you dependent on the government,  understand,  the more people who  rely on the government the more power they have!   Believe it or not, they live for this power and it is for the good of the people because most of you are too  stupid to know how to take care of yourself. You don't know how to brush your teeth, you don't know what causes babies or how to stop it, you don't know how to feed your kids, eat right and on and on and on. They feel good, they are taking care of you for your own good, after all you are too stupid to take care of your self and make the right decisions for your life.

 It's really scary, the number of  people who have been  sucked into this!
 The Obama people made their move at exactly the right time, they played the black white thing perfectly. They even managed to overcome  the female "thing" and with apparent ease. Remember, Hillary was going to be the first female President. Somehow, unknowingly, Talk Radio  fell in the web. Talk Radio  helped get Hillary moved off her base just enough for Obama to slip in.............................

Rid the government
of this

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  1. Register to vote then Vote we need a President not a boy that would be King