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Friday, February 17, 2012

Do you know these people? They are changing your life and country!

What Do You Know About These People

Please take a minute and ask yourself,  what do I really know about either of these two 

people? Before becoming President and the months leading up to it had you ever 

heard of either of these two people? What do you know about the past of either of

 these two people? Right now, can you name the woman in the picture? These two 

people are changing your life, your children's lives and how you spend your 

hard earned money as well as the future of this country.

I don't ask that you change party or become an Independent or Republican. I do ask, 

you start asking real questions of your leaders and don't believe  what a group of 

media people say............. We have all been lied to over and over and this country is 



now we hope???????????

Not sure about you, this isn't  the hope and change I thought he was talking 

about, it's much worse than even I thought...

1 comment:

  1. Have to say I don't know her name. I thought I knew a little about him but seems he has an entirely different future in store for this country. To be honest, it now scares me, not sure what it's going to be like for my kids and their kids.....
    Thank you and please keep talking about these things. I will pass along the word.