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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dick Morris: Obama’s sneaky treaties -


Dick Morris: Obama’s sneaky treaties -
        I promise, you will not regret it. After all, this is your country...after reading this feel free to: pass it alone, call your congressman or woman, vote for the good of your country and not because you or somebody you know is getting a check from the government, tell a friend about this, yell to the top of your lungs,"WASHINGTON, STOP THE MADNESS"(or something better of your own), feel free to send me a check. lol   At least  do something because, much needs to be done! Something has to change, if we keep on the current path, one day, you will wake up and ask, where is the United States I used to know? The United States where we  were, not perfect,  free and able to practice our religion without government  interference. The United States that was not subservient to the United Nations, where we were proud and other nations wanted to be like us and where we, the people, told the government who was to lead us and guide us not the other way around.

Click on the link below and read,please!
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Dick Morris: Obama’s sneaky treaties -

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