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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Foolish - Stupid ................ Him or Us

What have we done as American 
by sitting home on election day?????
.....By looking at this administration and it's policies and using common sense, one can see

 the path  they are leading us down...... most people see this as the, not so "freedom

 loving" government slowly weaving it's way into society and slowly pushing and pulling 

"things" so as to make the path to their final destination a little easier to lead or push "the

 people" down..... If you don't see this or get it,  I understand, you probably voted for the 

current administration, as was your right. Most folks who voted for this administration tend

  only to see the good and what they perceive as good, others  see it as it appears and 

where it's heading.

To be honest, it's  scary.... If you voted for the current administration relax, take it easy, 

you did your part so this election, stay at home let the rest of handle voting! 

America You Got This President as a Results of Too Many Americans Sitting at Home on Election Day!

get off your ass and vote

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