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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

          I don't understand! Why are people upset about the price of gas? The price hasn't even gotten to $5 per gallon... Don't forget, you or someone you know voted for Hope and Change! I guess they weren't listening when Obama said he wanted the price of gas to get to $5 a gallon and then  people would take this green crap serious.  Well..... you, who voted for the President,  gave all of us, hope, hope we have change left after a fill up at the gas pumps.

           Now I ask you,  why did you not want a so-called gas man in the White House? You got some inexperienced jerk ( OOOOPS! Sorry)who has a different view of America. Maybe people should have stop looking at the color of his skin and found out what the man had in store for America....I guess that was too much to ask of the media and the Democrats.
  We thought Hillary would have been a bad President, just goes to show race should not have been an issue either for or against a candidate.

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