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Monday, February 6, 2012

Iranian Assets Frozen By Executive Order

          An executive order was singed by the President  freezing all  Iranian assets in the United States, including foreign branches of American banks. ( The executive order, described as a further step in the U.S. effort to isolate Iran, prevents any assets deemed to be in US control – including foreign branches of American banks - from being transferred, paid, exported or withdrawn. (Reuters)    
         The President said, Iran has to come to the realization, it is not in their best interest to acquire a nuclear weapon. The President did NOT rule out the military option. Even though Iran's military capability are  substantial,  it's hard to tell if the Iranians actually believe they are capable of fending off an attack by the United States. However, in today's political environment,  they may feel the current President is bluffing since a very large number of American troops have been withdrawn from that part of the world.

Recently Iran Flexed It's Muscle, Threatening to Close Strait of Hormuz

           Just to play the devil's advocate,  a question, could this be a play by the President of the United States to ensure the price of a gallon of gas goes up again? It seems very unlikely the President would cause this to happen on purpose with his re-election bid later this year... With that said, this President has taken some actions in the past that don't seem to makes sense to "the People."  One has to question everyone the President does, after all, a man with so little experience and some of his past is not  known.
        It upsets me that this question would even enter into  anyone's minds but after some of the President's statements and actions is hard to figure out what the President is really up to.......

          It is my hope the President is looking out for the interest of the Unites State and not trying to undermine the people for some secret agenda!

1 comment:

  1. Surely he would not do something like this to get his green agenda through the government and into law?????????
    I bet he is trying to show that American, "hardball" Attitude. For all of our sakes , I hope so. Must admit with this guy it is hard to tell, I am sure I would rather have somebody else s President..I will vote for the Republican man this time!