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Monday, February 6, 2012

Obamacare vs Freedom of Religion

                                                     WAKE UP,  WAKE UP NOW!!!!!
           I am talking to all Americans,  those on the right, those on the left,  those that can't decide, black, white and all those in between. WAKE UP!
          "It" is happening right now in your country.  The government is now in your religion! The government of the United States of America is now telling  religion what they can and can not do. I am not talking about everyday laws that each of us obey and give order to our streets and way of life. No, I am talking about the Government telling the Catholic Church what they have to for their employees. The United States government told the Catholic church they must offer certain types of insurance to their employees. Insurance for procedures that are against the teaching of the Church. If that isn't bad enough, the government stepped in and told Catholic Priests  what they can and can not say in their churches.  They would not let Catholic Chaplins read a letter from their  Bishops. Guess what the letter talked about? Obamacare, and how it was interfering with the Church.  There is  a problem when the government tells people what they can not read in their CHURCH.
                                                                            " A directive from the U.S. Army chief of chaplains that a letter opposing the Obama administration's contraceptive mandate not be read from the pulpit by Catholic military chaplains
        Friends this should strike fear in every American!!!!!!!!!  

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