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Thursday, February 9, 2012

President Obama 
 --- 2012 Volt---
What, a Great Deal and Green Too?




 Green to the "Shade" of  $40,000 with tax& tag 

The Volt is expensive compared with other hybrid cars and even most upscale midsize cars. It also has a small trunk, confusing interior tech and only seats four people.
Overall, test drivers say if you’re shopping for an electric or hybrid car, the 2012 Chevrolet Volt is a great choice because its high-tech powertrain helps make the car very fuel-efficient. Reviewers note that all this plug-in hybrid technology comes with a high price tag though.

The Volt has a  electric-only range of a huge 35 miles and  the Volt  takes "only"
10-to-12-hour charging time using a standard outlet.

Cost,  $40,000 not including  Insurance, Personal Property Tax, Gas and 10-12 
hours of electricity every 35 miles.

Is this a big accomplishment?  There have been over 7,671 of them sold............. 

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