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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Are we Idiots? Why do we allow .....

           The current President  has missed the deadline, a statutory requirement, to present a budget, again.(He  informed congress it will not be ready until Feb 13th) How many days has this President, who cares so much for "The People," been on vacation, playing golf and on the campaign trail in that expensive new new bus?) This is the 3rd time in his 4 years as President he has missed the statutory required deadline.
           Thanks to Senate Democrats this country, the United States of America has not had a budget since 2009. When the Democrats controlled both Houses of congress and the White House they failed to pass a budget. In case you are counting, this country has been operating for 1000 days without a budget. Last year the Republican controlled house passed a budget however when the budget reached the Senate, Democrats who control the Senate wouldn't even bring it to the chamber floor so a vote could be taken. So thanks to the President's own party the people of the United States have no budget.  Is this leadership?
     The President can't expect anyone, much less those people unemployed, in the country to believe anything that he says or promises in his Address to the people?
     This is the same President who spent time at Disney World trying to create jobs by asking people to come to or go to "Fantasy Land"  and spend money for the "good of the people."

From the Magic Kingdom President  Obama tried  to tell  Americans, tourism and his own re-election  is good for America.
"I hope you know that the values you cherish, what you stand for, what you believe in, are the things I cherish and I believe in and I'm willing to fight for," Obama said.  How hard did he fight to come up with a budget for the American people? I dare say, he fought harder to get his self to Hawaii and  to  Florida and the fund raisers ...


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