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Sunday, January 8, 2012

It's Sad What is Happening to this Country....I do not like it, no I don't.....

            What's  happening to the greatest country on earth is sad. All by a man ( Obama) who is in over his head, so far he can't  see it or too inexperienced to know it.    It's possible he believes he is doing good but the fact is he's screwing things up so bad we are at the point where it will takes years and years and years to get this mess straight. I don't mean to say he started all this mess but he jumped in with very little, if any, idea what he is doing. He thought he could make other countries like us by being nice and  saying "we're sorry" for the way the United States has become the greatest peaceful nation in the world. He is wrong, you do not gain other countries respect by bowing down. In the world of today power and strength are the best ways gain and hold respect. Being powerful and strong  you don't need to fight, "most of the time."( Not always by any accounts) Being strong  stops most sane leader from "messing".
           There is always going to be a few "nuts" who believe they can take on anybody or country  and in that case the country needs to be in good shape with  good defense forces. By the way, in case anybody feels the United States wants to take over the world or take countries or oil or other resources look at history. Recent history will be much oil did we take from the recent countries we helped?

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