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Friday, January 13, 2012



           President Obama is trying to raise the debt ceiling  to the, not so sweet , tune of $1.2 trillion, again. He sent a one page letter to congress asking for the debt ceiling to be raised. ( Hmmmmmmmmm! Guess we all have to pay for his Hawaii vacation)
          This has to stop, stop the carzs, stop  car company take overs, stop giving millions to "green" companies, stop all the Crap, stop trying to change  our form of government.  Mr. President  if you don't like our form of government feel free to go to any country you feel comfortable with, sure you've made  many friends with leaders of other countries. You will be able to find a country that fits your philosophy, the way you want your family to live and one that will take you.
PS Don't let the White House door bump you on the butt when you leave and  I "hope" you have a nice life and please leave any "change" you haven't spent.
Hope and Change, NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

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