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Monday, January 23, 2012


           Mr. President please do the United States a big favor: First stop campaigning and start being  President. Then call Iran on the phone and tell them we are sick and tired of all the screwing around with oil it's costing American's. Tell them if they don't stop screwing with us we will knock the crap out of them!  ( THEN CALL THE NAVY AND TELL THEM TO GET READY TO KICK ASS) Then get on the phone and talk to whoever  to  get the Keystone pipeline flowing as soon as possible,  call the EPA and tell them to knock it off and start helping business. No more fines and crap if something is wrong help the business make it right but no more tree hugging crap. Get our oil wells pumping as fast as possible. If there is a problem with a company list it and then help the company fix it, the longer it take the less the person at the EPA gets paid. (P.S.  No more bonuses for any government worker for doing their job)
 Then call the federal reserve and tell them to open up the books, all of them. Call the IRS tell them to stop all work go home take 4 weeks off with no pay.  Then call both houses of congress, Dems and Reps tell them to sit down with their respective members and talk   it too late for fighting, time has come to stop all spending, no spending on anything more than last year ( except defense) when any department of the government reaches the limit they spent last year stop spending and no borrowing from anybody but another department! Sorry just do it. And as a matter of fact go through the departments and cut, cut, cut, no more crap, no more!  As a matter of fact Mr. President sit down and figure out how much money we need( OK get your staff or who ever to figure out) when you come up with the figure no more than 7 days from today. Take that figures and find out where you can cut to get it.  OK,THERE IS A LOT MORE INVOLVED, BUT IT CAN BE DONE IF WE HAD A LEADER TO ACTUALLY DO IT!
 WE NEED A PRESIDENT THAT CAN GET THINGS DONE!!!! NO MORE, ON THE JOB TRAINING ........................................
No More On the Job Training

Vice President                           Vice President                                                            President

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  1. Let a couple of these guy run the government THey have to know more that this man in the White house now