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Monday, January 9, 2012

Independents seek help from the Republicans


           Independents, (politically speaking), want help from  Republicans to save the country! Don't let the Democrat  talking heads tell Republicans, "in order to win the Presidency the Republican nominee  must be able to work with Democrats." Working with "the other side"  in today's political climate is an unwise premise. The leader of the senate, Harry Reed  said he doesn't want to work with the Republicans, I/we are going to work against Republicans.     Republicans, get a back bone, elect the best person for the job of President, do what is right and let the "chips" fall where they may.
            I will say, without apology, the job of the Republican party is to take our country back. Get President Obama out of the highest office of the United States of America
 Democrats, you have a job too, do what is right for your/our country! If you "honestly" believe Obama has helped this country then you have to do what you have to do. But be honest and remember what Obama himself said, if he was unable to turn things around he should not be re elected. Things have not turned around, unemployment is still not under 8% (8%, Obama's own number, he told the people he would get it under 8%) After three years, over a trillion dollars deeper in debt even cooked numbered are not under 8%. I believe by the election the Obama administration will get the number under 8% , don't fall for it......By the way if the unemployment number was .25% the country is still in bad shape and getting worse.

 (This has nothing, what-so-ever to do with race...nothing, "nada", zip," zilks", not happening, don't go there!)

          Don't allow the current President or any future President to take the United States to the brink of a European style nation.
 Stand up and take your country back, don't let anybody call you a racist or nut because you want the UNITED STATES to remain the United States the founding fathers envisioned.

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