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Thursday, January 5, 2012

It is happening!!! China wants GM's electric development.Obama says, OK!!!!!!


                                                        "This should help "out" America, I am so smart."


          China wants EV( Electric Vehicle) technology tey don't have! (That isn't the shocking part.)

(This is) :
           THE SHREW, EXPERIENCED BUSINESSMAN BARACK OBAMA has allowed GM, the United States (Obama) government controlled car company, to move it's EV development to China. It is hard to say at this time how many US jobs will go with the technology that was developed using  taxpayers money. Thank you  Obama, way to go, looking out for the interest of the American people, again!.

         In a nutshell, Obama used your money  to help GM come up with electric car technology. Now Obama has allowed GM to ship that technology as well as jobs overseas to China. Is this the man you want leading your country for the next four years?

** Please note as of this date 1/5/12, the current President hasn't placed blame for this mess on former President Bush. It could be Obama still thinks this was a smart move....I am sure some Americans will differ with the President when China starts importing the cars, tariffs and all  back to the United States!!!                 
                                   " I'll fool  China, there is no gas tank and this car isn't even green!"
                                                                 If only he was this smart!

1 comment:

  1. I disagree, I think he is that smart! There is a Jerk in the White House!!!