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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What's Behind the Presidents Thinking?

           Could it be.............

          Barack H. Obama, the current President of the Unites States of America, thinks the United States has been inherently unfair since its founding.  President Barack H. Obama thinks  the United States  was assembled by and governed by the  power brokers from it's inception, and they have had control over this country and they have slanted everything. They have built everything, they have scheduled everything, they have arranged everything so that they are the primary financial beneficiaries of the United States of America. The 1%! Barack H. Obama believes that the Founders and their "class", since its founding, have been inherently unfair, have screwed everybody else, have taken everything for themselves -- and then sent other people's  sons and daughters around the world to war to protect their own personal gains .Obama is  not the nice guy who has gotten in over his head.  Obama has a plan.  Obama's plan is based on his inherent belief that this country was   immorally and illegitimately founded by a very small minority of   Europeans who screwed everybody else since the founding to get all the money and all the goodies, and it is now time for him to even things out.  What is going on right now is perfectly right and just (in his mind) that's why Obama is lawless, and that's why there is no prosecution of organizations such as the Black Panthers  for voter intimidation because it's not possible for a minority to intimidate the majority.  After all it's always been the other way around.  This is just payback.   That's how he sees it, pure and simple.  He doesn't see himself as a capitalist reformer or a President who needs to look  out for the future.  He sees an opportunity to take it away from the people who founded it and give it to the people he thinks have a moral right to it because somehow they have been taken advantage of, used, exploited, paid unfairly, etc.

           Could it be?
           Sure seems like it! He has been discreet in some cases not so much so in others. There has been an undeniable effort by major media to cover up, not report or play down certain actions taken by this President. My guess is, they aren't aware of his plans for the country, they are blinded by the fact he is President, he is a democrat, he is black and  or generally seems like a nice guy. The truth is, none of those facts should make any difference what so ever. They should be serving the country by finding out and reporting the truth, without any bias what so ever........


He has spent more of this country's money that all of the passed Presidents combined!
( Some of the information is from the Talk Show Host, Rush Limbaugh)

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