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Monday, January 23, 2012

Obama Says, Catholic's Must Offer Abortion Coverage

                             This country was founded on, " Freedom of Religion"

              The Obama administration demands  the Catholic Church, other religions and religious groups, supply free of charge, the services of: Abortion coverage, the pill and other services that are against the Catholic Faith (as well as other religions).
              It is time for everyone to tell President Obama to shut up and step down..OK, we all know that isn't going to happen. As a matter of fact, there are some  Americans  that still support this President even though he is shredding our Constitution and stepping all over the rights of the people. I guess some people feel this is OK, because, as we have heard, in his opinion, it's "good for the people."( Liver might be good for "the people" but I don't want the government telling me, by law, I have to eat it or serve it to others.)

            Unbelievable? Sure sounds that way especially  in a country founded on Freedom!

           "Multiple Catholic entities have encountered increasing difficulties this year reconciling its faith-based policies with new federal regulations. The most visible is the Catholic Church battle with the Obama administration over a health care reform regulation that requires free contraceptives as part of all health plans, effectively constricting the ability of Catholic hospitals to offer health care coverage."
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           It doesn't matter your faith, there is an assault on your rights by the current President of the United States. Know this and act when the time comes, your vote can make a difference.

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