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Monday, January 9, 2012

Government Spends $2.6 million on Chinese Prostitutes


            Washington is spending $2.6 million training Chinese prostitutes to drink more responsibly on the job. This is the kind of wasteful spending President Obama and Congress have stubbornly refused to cut. Instead, they planned to raise taxes on families and entrepreneurs by trillions of dollars!

            The Department of Agriculture  tried to impose a  Christmas trees tax. The revenues "would have" funded a program—hold on—to increase the popularity of Christmas trees.(What happened to the government staying away from   Christmas?) Taxpayers also pay for the marketing and promotion for many other agricultural products including eggs, honey, mangos, and mushrooms through taxes and fees. Leave it to Washington to impose “marketing assessments." These programs cost growers and consumers money and skirt constitutional provisions,  only Congress has the power to tax. They also violate basic principles of free speech, making some producers—and the consumers who ultimately pay to communicate messages against their will.

          Evidently the foot room is better if you upgrade your seat! Federal employees cost taxpayers $146 million   when they upgraded to business class flights. The Government Accountability Office found  more than half of these upgrades were not properly authorized. The rest of us have to fly coach and live on a budget—it’s time our government does the same.

            The government has spent $3 billion to re-sand the nation’s beaches. Advocates claim this prevents erosion and keeps the beaches attractive for tourists. But the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says the sand does nothing to prevent erosion—and the added sand is swept out to sea  as easily as existing sand! Regardless . . . taxpayers have" shoveled"  $3 billion into these projects.

          $113,227 for a video game preservation center in New York


            You  can’t make this up! Congress continues to recklessly spend millions of your dollars at a time when we have federal budget deficits! It's hard to believe they haven’t gotten the message yet? Taxpayers have to complain, loudly, very loudly.

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