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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Experience Needed to Become President? Right!

The Republicans are currently in the process of sorting through a group of people, who are highly qualified to lead this country. The process is long and hard and has weeded out some very good and highly intelligent people with experience that could  have served this country well. At this point in the process there are four men. These men debate each other time after time and spend unbelievable amounts of money to get their vision for the future of the  country out to the voters in hope they will be nominated then elected. They subject themselves to scrutiny by the media that can upset and or embarrass them and their families, that has become part of the process. Speaking of the process it seems there is  bias when it comes to the media and the different parties.
For example, where was the media when our current President was involved in this same process within the Democrat party. We all remember how Hillary Clinton was on the way to become the first female candidate for President of the United State. Then, it seemed, out of no where this black man, who most people in the country had never heard of, came to the fore front. That too was a big deal, to have a  black candidate for President of the United State that was black for the first time ever. I am not sure what happened or why but once it looked like it could happen  the media seemed to want this to occur and helped him. By help, I mean, they decided his background and experience was no longer a concern. Things about his past never came out  and to this very day his college grades have not been seen by "anyone" ( the public) . The media has never truly investigated the past of the current President, Barrack Obama.   I have no idea about his birth certificate but to this very day there are still questions, there  is a court case in the state of GA, going on right now, questioning the current President's citizenship, thus his ability to be put on the ballot in GA. This maybe a foolish attempt by a crazy attorney but if the media had done their job their would be no question.
            More to the point, what experience did the President have in the "real world?"
 As I alluded to earlier the public doesn't even  have a copy of his college records. But the media was demanding the tax records of a Republican  candidate.
 After some investigation I have found the following: 
Barack Obama  cites his time as a community organizer  in Chicago as one of the experiences that qualify him to hold the nation’s highest office. “I can bring this country together,” he said. “I have a track record, starting from the days I moved to Chicago as a community organizer.”
 “When classmates in college asked me just what it was that a community organizer did, I couldn’t answer them directly,” Obama wrote in his memoir, Dreams from My Father. “Instead, I’d pronounce on the need for change. Change in the White House, where Reagan and his minions were carrying on their dirty deeds. Change in the Congress, compliant and corrupt. Change in the mood of the country, manic and self-absorbed. Change won’t come from the top, I would say. Change will come from a mobilized grass roots." A Community Organizer, that is what the people of this country  wanted as real life experience from the President of the United States of America, a Community Organizer, community organizer? We all see the shape this country is in and we see the reaction of the President  when events happen, it's sad, truly sad. He has his "Plan" as to what he thinks the government's role is in the life of the "people," after all he has had experience, experience as a community organizer.
 Obama is Experienced :
 Community organizing is  the practice of identifying a specific aggrieved population and agitating them until they become so upset about their condition that they take collective action to put pressure on local, state, or federal officials to fix the problem, often by giving the affected group money. Organizers like to call that “direct action.”

Community organizing is most identified with the left-wing Chicago activist Saul Alinsky (1909-72), who pretty much defined the profession. In his classic book, Rules for Radicals, Alinsky wrote that a successful organizer should be “an abrasive agent to rub raw the resentments of the people of the community; to fan latent hostilities of many of the people to the point of overt expressions.” Once such hostilities were “whipped up to a fighting pitch,”  the organizer steered his group toward confrontation, in the form of picketing, demonstrating, and general hell-raising. At first, the organizer tackled small stuff, like demanding the repair of streetlights in a city park; later, when the group gained confidence, the organizer could take on bigger targets. But at all times, the organizer’s goal was not to lead his people anywhere, but to encourage them to take action on their own behalf.

Jerry Kellman, the organizer who hired Obama said"Barack had been very inspired by the civil-rights movement,” “I felt that he wanted to work in the civil-rights movement, but he was ten years too late, and this was the closest he could find to it at the time.” Obama, in his memoir, put it more simply when he said he went to Chicago to “organize black folks.”

Jerry Kellman set out to find a black organizer. He ran an ad in some trade publications, and Obama responded. But  Kellman wasn’t sure Obama was right for the job.  It was only when Kellman talked to Obama on the phone, and Obama “expressed interest in something African-American culturally,” that  Kellman offered Obama the job.

But Kellman had to sell Obama to the leaders.  Obama was obviously smart, and he wanted to be an organizer, but he was, in fact, quite young (24) and he didn’t actually know much about the job. Despite those drawbacks, he seemed to work some sort of magic on the leaders. “He had a sensitivity I have never seen in anybody else to this day,” Augustine-Herron told me. “He understood.” The women were sold. “He didn’t have experience,” Augustine-Herron said. “But he had a sensitivity that allowed us to believe that he could do the job.” So Obama it was. (Does this sound  somewhat like he did to the American people?)

After the initial interviewing, Obama went to work on a number of projects.
The long-term goal was to retrain workers in order to restore manufacturing jobs in the area; Kellman took Obama by the rusted-out, closed-down Wisconsin Steel plant for a firsthand look. But the whole thing was a bit of a pipe dream, as the leaders soon discovered. “The idea was to interview these people and look at education, transferable skills, so that we could refer them to other industries,well, they had no transferable skills. I remember interviewing one man who ran a steel-straightening machine. It straightened steel bars or something. I said, well, what did you do? And he told me he pushed a button, and the rods came in, and he pushed a button and it straightened them, and he pushed a button and it sent them somewhere else. That’s all he did. And he made big bucks doing it.”
That, of course, was one of the reasons the steel mill closed. And it became clear that neither Obama nor Kellman nor anyone else was going to change the direction of the steel industry and its unions in the United States. Somewhere along the line, everyone realized that those jobs wouldn’t be coming back. ( Sounds to me as if Obama has had no experience in creating any jobs)

Obama was an organizer for three years. When he returned to Chicago after law school, he did some voter-registration work and then joined a civil-rights practice. In 1996, he ran for the state senate. Eight years later, he was elected to the U.S. Senate, and within a year after that he was exploring a run for president. The rest is History as they say History the likes of which this country has not experienced in a long time and hopefully will not have to experience again.**

  If this is the experience the American people demand of it's President, there is only one conclusion: Any of the four  Republican  candidates going through the process at this time are far more qualified than the current President can ever Hope to be.

 **national review online by Bryon York

 There is one thing for sure, we all know the experience he has had for the last 3 years:
The experience this country has  endured having Obama as President is one we can no longer afford!


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