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Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Quick Fact Check

 $535 Million as Thanks for the Campaign Support?

          We heard the President  in his "State of the Union" speech talk about taxes on the rich, they aren't paying their fair share. OK, first off, the people that make the most money pay a higher percentage of that money  in taxes. Even if the percentages were exactly the same for every wage earner...exactly the same...the person who made more pays more. Again, even if the percentage were the same, the guy making more pays more. However, that's not how taxes work in the United States, if you make more you pay a higher percentage of what you made in taxes. Talk about fair share, that in itself is unfair, fair would be, everyone pays the same percentage. Which means the person who made more still pays more. That's not  hard to understand.
           OK, another fact about taxes we have all heard recently, one of the Republicans running to become the candidate for President  has been under fire because he paid a lower rate or percentage than a middle class earner.   This is not  comparing apples to apples, the 15% he paid  was not on regular working income. This man didn't work and make money, he was using the dividends /interest from money he had saved and had already paid about 35% tax on that money before he invested it.

           This is not a bad thing and as a matter of fact, we should all hope to be able to invest one day. So, save your change! (Now that is hope and change we can all live with!)

          If President Obama  got the," the millionaires tax" that doesn't  come close to solving America money problems, not by a long shot. As a matter of fact if all the millionaires were taxed at 30% that would solve about 8% of the problem...yes only 8% ...Mr President what about the other 92%? Mr. President get  back to DC and go to work, start earning some of the money you are paid.. get down to business and stop trying to get Americans mad at one another. This rich vs middle class warfare will not, solve any problems or get you re-elected, you did that to yourself by not leading this country.
Stop the madness in DC and take back your  Hope and Change!!!!

Don't let DC steal you hope and change!

1 comment:

  1. THis man is so out of touch with what really needs to be done. He likes being President and he thinks he has a better plan for America. Why does he think he knows so much more than all the other Presidents that have come before, including the very first ones! He needs to go back to school and study the how and why this country was founded?