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Friday, January 6, 2012

Obama; Army to be downsized. Unemployment is falling.


          President Obama says, the new downsized army will be agile.   Does this scare you! When the Presidents talks, our enemies listen! (Of course if they believe the President as much as the people of the United States there probably isn't going to be a problem.)
The current President faces plenty of problems some of which he has brought on  himself. Call it a lack of experience, socialist views or whatever, it seems when he does something like, reduces the size and strength of the army he broadcasts the facts to the world and when he does something like, lie about the state of unemployment  he hides the facts. I would rather he lie to the world and say, the United States has increased the size of it's army 5 fold and ramping up to kick some butt..... And tell "us" the truth but...........again call it lack of experience or lack of common sense he doesn't get it, he believes,  if we bow down to those that don't like us they will like us or something like that...who really knows how this man thinks?

        On a different note the Administration claim unemployment is going down, down,    down!                                                                                                                         
  Who is cooking the books, the media or the administration? With all the hoopla going on in DC about the falling unemployment rate they fail to mention 170,000 people simply      dropped off the unemployment rolls, not because they found work but they have given up looking.  Of course when unemployment runs out they are taken off the rolls.                   
         Here is an interesting fact about unemployment in November: Working-age adults    not participating in the labor force -- those neither employed nor looking for work - -         increased by 487,000 (in November).                                                                             
         You ask, why or how does the administration  get away with making these erroneous claims about falling unemployment. It's simple, most of the media want this guy, the          President, to look good. Why, you asked? That my friends is a good question. Why           wouldn't the media along with the people of the United States want what is best for the      country/the people?     When all is said and done there are 2 million jobless folks that are not be counted .                                                                                                 
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