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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

American President Nuts or What?

   He Said No to the Pipeline
*What's He Smoking?
            The prime minister of Canada said,(paraphrasing) "You Americans are absolutely nuts. If you want to treat your whole country like an off-limits National Park you go right ahead, but you can't make us treat our country that way. And if we have to we'll run a pipeline to the ChiComs! We're gonna move this oil." 
                    Why would the prime minister of Canada makes these remarks to the United States? The current President of course; " "the Obama administration said no to the Keystone pipeline. The State Department said "no." They will allow the Canadians to reapply with a new route that will not upset the precious habitat of Nebraska."  Habitat, what about the humans who live in the country , the entire country do they matter at all to this president?
          I am not for destroying the earth but give me a break, Oil is  natural  and if animals don't like pipe lines they will adapt. ( Remember what some people said about the Alaskan pipeline ... that didn't turn out to be true) This is about saving our country not about the feelings of a group of  environmentalist. The earth can handle a plenty of pipelines but the United States can't handle more jack-ass moves by it's leaders. Did I say "jack-ass" ooops!
          If the truth be known it's  politics on the Presidents part. Here's a fact we all need to know "One of the primary ingredients in lifting people economically is access to affordable, plentiful, cheap energy." One of the many benefits this pipeline will offer to the United States.
          Why, Mr. President, won't you try to help the people who elected you? 
          What is the real reason or cause "behind" your presidency?
          I am afraid elected officials in this country are so one sided they have been blinded to what is good for the country and have their sights set on what is good for re-election and not allowing  the other side to get what they want regardless if it is good for the country or not. The Democrats don't want to let the Republicans have anything they want even if, as I believe in this case it, would be good for the Democrats, Republicans and most of all, the citizens of the United States.
* The picture is of Barack Obama in the 80's smoking a cigarette.

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